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Community Support Programs

View Purpose and Contact Information Below:

Community Building Institute (CBI)  

Vanessa  Milton Part-time contract worker

Stewart Scott  

Ella Davis 

Carol Crumby  

Donna Priest Brown

Purpose: To assist members of the community to increase their network,

improve impact on their community and inspire others. 

Contacts: Robyn Williams

MPH Project Manager Homeless/ Community Engagement United Way of Greater Atlanta 

Protip Biswas Vice President Homeless & Place Based Initiatives  



Civics 101 with Donna/Dr. White 

Purpose: inform the community of Legislative changes that affected the school system, changes in DeKalb County school budget and the concept of Community Schools, Provide information about major changes in the county, state and cities that affect the local community.


Contacts: South DeKalb Parent Council Donna Priest-Brown;

Merrill White 


Community Schools / SharedStory  

Stewart Scott  | Ella Davis  

Students will join the Board of Ga Coalition for public Education 

Purpose: To education the community on the benefits of having community schools. Provide training to parents to promote parent leaders in the school.


Contact:  Janet Kishbaugh, JD  

Research & Information Service

Public Education Matters Georgia



Volunteer Initiative/NAACP Sponsor

Ella Davis on committee


Purpose: to promote the community to volunteer at the local schools in South DeKalb

Contact: Lance Hammond, NAACP 



Cluster Initiative

Donna Priest Brown; Ella Davis: 

Solomon Stephens

Contacts: Tommy Travis, NAACP Education 

Area Superintendent  Region 7  Dr. Bernetta Jones  & Staff

Other Contacts: Area Superintendent Region 6 Pamela Benford 



Kids Video Literacy Sponsor Kids Video Connection

Purpose: To use video production as a teaching tool to educate and empower today’s youth with media literacy, communication and critical thinking skills that will help them become independent thinkers and creators for tomorrow. SDIAE acts as a conduit to building a relationship between Kids Video Connection and community schools.  


Student Voice

Purpose: SDIAE is partnering with Student Voice to bring a chapter of this national organization to high schools in South Dekalb.  We are seeking 3-4 students from each high school to volunteer to become Organizing Fellows.  These students will be trained and should have an interest in improving educational environment in Dekalb County.


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